Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

We are two weeks into January, which means we have been settling into our new home for three weeks. Three weeks and I just got the kitchen and living room completely unpacked. That is life with four kids! Things get done, but sometimes it feels like they get done at a snail’s pace. 

For the first couple of weeks in our new town of Airdrie, Alberta, we felt like visitors. Every time I would glance at an Alberta license plate I was reminded: oh yeah, we live here now! We are slowly getting the feel of things and we are able to make it home without the use of Google Maps, I would call that a win! 

Overall, we are really loving it here! Our new house has really made a difference in the day to day. Each one of our kids have their own room, which means they are all sleeping a lot better (yessss!). Our house backs onto green space, so the kids love playing in the backyard, and exploring around an open field. 

I hope to hop on the blog once a week to either provide a little life update, or share some past family sessions with you! I have so much to share, so I hope to see you back here!