Mild Airdrie Winter

We celebrated our daughter’s sixth birthday over the weekend! We had these great plans to take her sledding for the first time, and thought it was the perfect COVID friendly activity we could do as a family. Strangely Airdrie is having, from what I keep hearing, a very mild winter. There is hardly any snow on the ground, and what is there is mostly iced over. So, no sledding for us! 

Instead, we FaceTimed with her grandparents, opened presents, ate cake and had a great day. 

As most parents say, time goes by fast. We spent the majority of 2020 preparing for our move from BC to Alberta. We had to prepare our townhouse for sale, so her entire fifth year went by in a blur, even more than usual! 

She brings us all so much happiness! She is told everywhere we go how friendly she is and how she radiates joy. It’s very true! She is also curious, extremely observant, and I often refer to her as my ‘literal Lucy’. Cause that child is VERY literal. I have to remind her all the time that someone is joking or just playing a game with her. 

I hope you all had a great weekend! It’s getting colder here in Airdrie this week, maybe we will experience a “true” Alberta winter. 

Thanks for being here, friends! 

Sixth birthday in Airdrie Alberta